Nelson Li-Fo-Sjoe

First, sorry for using english instead of nederlands but I do not have enough command “met de taal”. I was born and raised in Venezuela and my father was born in Suriname late 1920s. Due to the economical and political crisis in Venezuela, I am considering to settle in other country. My immediate options are (1) Colombia, because my mother was born there, and (2) Suriname, taking advantage of PSA status and relatives still living there. However, Suriname has economical issues right now so I want to ask:

1- What do I need to settle formally in Suriname? I am medical imaging technologist in Venezuela and have some knowledge about HVAC installation and maintenance. Could I get a job easily with these skills?, how much would I earn (approx.)?
2- Compared with Colombia, What about cost of living in Paramaribo and nearby?, how much would I need to survive a month?, Could you give me websites in order to rent a room/appartment (te huur)?
3- Are there academies to learn thoroughly the local language?

I thank your address to my queries.